Controller disconnect randomly on PC?

When you guys plays KI on PC, does your controller randomly disconnected? I play KI with a ps3 controller on pc. It was working fine with me until they released a patch to fix the monitors over 60hz. Ever since my ps3 controller randomly disconnects almost 3 times in every match.

I first used motionjoy, it worked fine with me but everytime I had to reconnect the controller I had to open motionjoy again to reconnect my ps3 controller. I thought it was my controller, usb ports, or my usb cable. But i used different ones and they all end up the same.

So last night I looked up on what everyone recommends to use when using a ps3. ps4, or a fight stick on what program to use and eventually I found SCP and its awesome. When I had to use motionjoy i would have to pop open a window of motionjoy and click a button to connect my ps3 controller to be a 360 controller, but now with SCP, any time I connect my ps3 controller my computer detects it right away and acts as a 360 controller. So I play KI with it and it work fine but in the middle of the match on my 2nd monitor I get a notification from SCP that my ps3 controller disconnected but immediately my controller reconnects and i can continue playing without manually reconnecting my ps3 controller.

Does anyone else have a problem like this or is it just me?