Content id dispute for my youtube video

So i did a top 10 of my fav killer instinct tracks and got a content id Dispute from a company called INgrooves.

Now as far as monetisation does not bother me as i do not not earn anything anyway but i just wanted to know if they were genuine rights holders to the music or just a copyright troll ?

Not too long ago Mick Gordon actually tried uploading some of his own KI tracks to his Youtube channel and he ran into the same problem.

Mick’s Twitter

That sucks and that was nearly a year ago …really wish companies would sort out these trolls

So I read all of the comments from Mick and the otheres. How are they able to do this? Ingrooves? Are they just filing for anything and everything that crosses their path in hopes of scoring the rights to musicians that dont pay attention? Hell i better check my ■■■■ lol…nah…no body wants to claim my sick ■■■ black metal madness ha ha
very interesting story though…im intrigued

I am bringing this back to life. Can Ingroove do this? I loaded a video but it got monetized by Ingrooves. It is claiming The Instinct-Mick Gordon om behalf of Microsoft Studios music. I will dispute it. Wish me luck.

Good luck - I had a similar thing happen with one of my first KI videos back when I started and just deleted the part of the clip that Ingroves didn’t actually like as it were :smiley:

Well i did dispute it…was taking a risk but for some reason about 10 days later i got a message from youtube saying that it was now not under dispute

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