Constructive Criticism: Hard to read, harder to write

I write this in wake of something I did recently on the forums. I recently wrote a list of potential balance changes for KI and a user told me “no offense, but ALL of these ideas are terrible” and provided a list on why every single one of my suggestions was bad. To clarify, I actually agreed with some of his points; some of his responses are valid and justified. However, some parts I found hard to swallow and hurt what little pride I have.
They worst part is, they where only trying to give their honest opinion without hurting my feelings, which is not easy if you have nothing nice to say. The bottom line is, one must be careful when criticizing someone else work, even if the intentions are good. But the one being criticized must also be careful to not let it get to them (which I have clearly failed to do).

I feel bad not only about what I was told, but how I took it as well. And this might all seem like a huge rant/mope, but this is pertinent. A lot of people on these forums put their heart and soul into there posts and experiment with ideas often. It’s our duty as a community to be accepting of criticism and accepting of new ideas at the same time.

So I encourage all of you, put out an idea you think has value and try to help others with their own ideas. It doesn’t hurt anyone to make this place a safe haven for creativity and experimentation.
Thank you for your time…


Good to know! I will certainly take what you have said into consideration in future posts. :wink:

That being said, it’s the Internet - there are a lot of things that can and will offend you. My advice? Don’t let it. Just realize that it’s harder to convey things online via text than it is face to face. Also remember that we’re all human and as such, we all make msitakes <- See! I just did right there! :sweat_smile:

All we can do is strive to be at our best, but the truth of the universe is that, to some people at least, we won’t be… :pensive:

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The greatest mental freedom that no one can take away from us, is not to care what people think. Don’t take it to heart. Sure, It’s Constructive Criticism, but there are different forms. Stay strong. There is nothing wrong on getting some constructive criticism, but there is a difference between that, and putting someone down. Not everyone will like your content, and be glad with what you post, but don’t worry. Post what you want, as long as It’s in forum guidelines.

Cheer up! :smile:

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I obviously support this attitude. And I’m glad that you had the courage to say it.

That being said, if others dismiss you and are still being a jerk, ■■■■ em. Its up to us to push through the bullshit.

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Unfortunately, language has been subverted and neglected (most especially in schools) to the point that people are having a difficult time expressing their feelings and ideas in a moderate, non-inflammatory manner.

With that in mind, I definitely appreciate the passion that drives people to making imperfect posts. I think that a lot of what we see, in terms of nasty venomous posts, is a product of a society that has access to instant broadcast. People don’t often think a statement through prior to posting it; in fact, I’d venture to say that most posts of a non-constructive nature are likely driven by emotion and impulse.

tl;dr: I appreciate the sentiment of the OP

On the contrary, however, having your pride hurt can definitely drive a person to improvement. Pride can cause closure of critical thinking spaces. Minds, like parachutes, work best when open.

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Your last line reminded me of a great Tim Minchin song: If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out.

His other stuff is great too, in fact this isn’t my favorite of his. My favorite is a beat poem called Storm.

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