Constant guardian abilities in SL? (no need to recharge)

If there is a thread on this already my apologies

I had the idea for a super rare Guardian card maybe called Benitoite (super rare blue gem) or platinum maybe. Something better than killer that does not need to be recharged however to balance things out maybe only one member of your team can have it at once? Maybe the card comes with a secondary negative effect that is also constant?

Just an idea I had while playing SL

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Personally, I want corrupted guardians. They have a very good positive effect and a very bad one. Think of a vampire corrupted guardian this way. Vampirism is always activated and an ender isn’t needed to trigger it. However, you always lose health, meter, and instinct over time. Snake can be you always deal to your opponent potential damage but you take some as well.


@Dragonps you gave me an idea:

What about an option to automatically refill Guardians? If you activate it for a particular guardian, each time it goes to 0 charges, it automatically recharges to max charges

Also I do like a lot the “corrupted” guardians, with both good and bad effects.

EVEN MORE: SL mimics, Omen and Gargos could use them, giving our enemies better tools


I thought about that before too.

Also the ability to insta-refill consumables, or even better: the ability to have “profiles” for example:

I want Cinder to always have the snake guardian and the lizard foot

Omen always with the spider talisman


I think insta refill and corrupted guardians are a really good idea, the whole risk and reward game could be so much fun.

Glad to see you interested in SL, risk/reward has always been a big part of KI so this is an interesting suggestion I can get behind. :slight_smile: