Considering this is a 'monster' game, who has or will go see the monstermovie 'IT'?

I just did, movie blew me away (couldnt sleep for days after seeing the old miniseries). Loved the horror, but what amazed me most was how the rest of the movie was equally enjoyable with great acting from the kids.

Edit: changed the title, since as @FallofSeraphs76 says it was a bit unclear.

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I had to read this twice before I got “IT”…lol… I was like WTF is he talking about?? lol

Id like to see the movie IT, but not sure i will go tot he theaters for it.

To me it felt like one of the few horror movies that is worth it going to the theater for. The clown scenes are awesomely made and really shine in the theater.

What really made the movie though is that nice ‘Stranger Things’ vibe that made the netflixseries great.

For me it was one of the best movies of I’ve seen in theaters this year so far.

Yeah , we love Stranger Things over here at my house and at work. My friend is super hype for IT. I think he is going Saturday night.

We will see it eventually, kind of tough to go to the movies with 2 young kids and see a horror movie.

I can imagine, my wife doesnt want to see it (not a horror fan), so she stayed with the kids after I helped put them in bed, and went with some friends, next its the wife’s turn to go somewhere.

Especially since I just got my second kid 11 weeks ago, I realised how important it is to keep doing things with friends every (other) week. My brain needs to reset every once in a while :sweat_smile:

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I think I’m going to have to sit this movie out. Honestly clowns don’t scare me at all. It sounds like going to a movie where the major scares in it come from the Snuggles fabric softener bear.

…those soulless eyes tho…

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He’s not really a clown though…more a primal force from before the creation of the universe. He takes the shapes of the fears of the one he faces. And truly the day to day life of some of the main characters are maybe even more horrific than what the clown does.

Just saw the movie today. I really have to hand it to the producers, Pennywise was awesome.