Connection issues

anyone else having issues with matches today, not finding, but staying connected, I have had several dropped matches so many that I got the “probation warning” wtf?!?

Hmmm i did get put in probation for the very first time since they revamped ranked in s2. But I only had one rage quitter disconnect at the end of the final match right before I could input ultrai (implying it was intentional). The other 6 or so disconnects were from a specific user who always left immediately during the character select screen.

its odd, today I have had more rage quitters and DC’s than ever before, I keep getting that damn probation warning, and I am not disconnecting, ugh! I don’t want to end up being restricted, for @#$@# out of my control… it stinks.

I haven’t been able to connect to a match for a couple days in ranked or exhibition.

ok, so tonight on WIN 10, I have had almost 7 drops in the past hour alone, anyone else experiencing this??