first and foremost, i love conker, funny and dirty but enough about how rare was the best back in the day i wanna get straight to the point, im loving KI s3, today we had info and arbiter stream and i got to play triborg in mkx, but now…now my lid has blown off!!! :rage: seriously dude, CONKER!! wait… YOUNG conker for the Fu@#!ng hololens thats not the bad part, just look it up, its not funny when they added him in project spark, its not funny now.


Yesterday, I saw young Conker on YouTube. Then I was like be: WHAT THE!? Why they make Conker become ugly animal? This is not real Conker…

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I like the concept for the game, just not that they used Conker’s name. They should’ve used a lab rat character.


OMG i wanna puke. Bleeeehhhh!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Leave it to Rare and the clutch of MS to destroy a franchise. They did with Banjo and now Conker. It’s a shame but oh well. :disappointed:

On the bright side, Conker will gain a new audience.


I think what made it worse is that Rare already said that they’re not continuing the Conker series before hand.

People just want to see Rare game series return. Reboots even(most likely have to be anyway) with themes and gameplay(at least a modern equivalent) intact. Heck, look at KI and where it is now, people support it because it is within reason. Because it is what its supposed be!