Congrats to the winner of NCR and everybody else keeping KI alive

We didn’t get to see everything on stream, but my god, Chronicle’s ARIA was a thing of beauty. I hope the replay is posted soon so I can copy all that tech for my own ARIA.
Lots of hype matches as usual with KI. Unlike a lot of other FG tournament streams, everybody on chat was there to watch the game instead of coming in just to be critical. Had a great time, bittersweet about this being KI’s last NCR but it is what it is.

Eh. He was triggering the heck out of me by not confirming any lockouts :joy:


Tournament nerves. Et tu, Storm?

I was just triggered by them cutting it short, period. Otherwise, it was cool. Surprise Sajam on the Mic, some cool play. I honestly didn’t even notice the chat. I’ve made it a point to full screen the stream and not have chat up if I sense stuff I don’t wanna read there cooking. It was getting there, so i clocked out until the last streamed set.

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Nah, I don’t think that was nerves to be honest. Looked more like a conscious decision to prioritize his vortex. Which is fine - Aria gets a lot after a knockdown after all. But it bugs me when the commitment to vortex overrides even really, really obvious lockout scenarios. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the oppprtunity to confirm, it was simply that he didn’t care to extend under any circumstance.

Chronicle was in no danger whatsoever of losing in spite of that, mind you - he was clearly a cut above his opponent. It just bugs me personally to see missed opportunities like that is all. Those matches should have been over in half the time, and Chronicle’s a good enough player that I expect optimization from him.

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They were given a set time to finish and didn’t. Same happened with Tekken 7 where we didn’t get to see all of the pool matches, and it’s a much bigger game.

Link available? WHy is it the last time for NRC? Was that announced by the TO?