Confirmed the last character will be a guest...?..?

I watched the ki segment on Xbox daily on my Xbox one yesterday and during the trailer they put up a poll asking what guest character we would prefer, the options were Joanna Dark, JD from gears, Cortana, and I forgot the last option. Thoughts? It would suck to end the Killer Instinct season with a non ki character.

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No whoever the last character is, they’re done already. That poll was probably for a future community fundraiser bundle like they did with Shago for Season 2. Previously they were throwing the idea of a new Shadow character around, but maybe they’ve decided to go with a guest character instead? Maybe both? Who knows

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Hopefully it’s not a guest character. Guest characters would be great as bonuses though. I much rather have Eyedol or an original new character of KI.

I’ll fund Joanna dark!!!

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The last character for this season is already planned.

So this is likely for extended dlc content or season four.

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It’s a guest, and they’ll be revealed at Evo. Also the polls mean nothing seeing as how Eyedol won the poll during E3 2014.

How do you know it’s a guest? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just wanna know what led you to believe this lol I hope you’re wrong though lol

Why? Why do they keep doing these damn guests? They just dont get it!!! No one cares about guest characters! Arbiter may have brought in some fans…but I dont think Raam is bringing many people to the game… Rash either.

Why cant they just give us a bad ■■■ new KI character?? Or Eyedol or both???

Watch it not only be a guest that no one likes… probably have shadow orchid to go along side.

ughhhh…I understand why…and yes I wan tthe game to grow…but prove that it works first before flooding the game with 4 friggin guests


The argument about the guest characters is kind of getting old. It’s possibly 4 guests out of 26 total characters.


I don’t mind guest characters however I think the “original” cast should get first dibs.

Still holding out for Eyedol.


Please for the love of god no more guests this season.



I wonder who won???

I hadn’t even considered Cortana… she might be pretty neat.

…I mean she wouldn’t be any sort of good replacement for Eyedol…I just figured if they were going to put anyone else from Halo they’d do a spartan…I’d say Chief, but then again Buck would be neat.

Spartans are low hanging fruit and its been done before, if we HAD to have another Halo character I’d rather see Sgt. Johnson, Tartarus or even a Grunt before a Spartan.

lol, assuming that a poll on Xbox daily actually means anything.

Of course it’d be low hanging fruit, but think of the accessories…and if it were Buck, they could use both Spartan gear for standard and Marine gear for retro.

Well guest characters aren’t really targeted to us. They’re to bring new people to the game, which is why I think guest characters should be bonuses instead of taking actual ki characters spots. Sucks that the newest Ki has a battletoad but not the original antagonist eyedol lol


Well doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have the last character be a Ki character. Especially one tied more to the major points of the story. I mean, SL’s comes out soon to wrap up this arc of the story. So My expectations are really low for it to be a KI character.

My thoughts are kameo for the last character slot.

I’d be ok with another guest character if they added raziel from soul reaver. I’d say the should add kain, but they already have a vampire in the roster, just my $.02.

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Holy crap, as a Fillion fan… He’d be my new main!!


My god, if we got Buck or another Fillion character, they would have to do an announcer set for him. Nathan is one of my favorite voice actors of all time!