CONAN Clueless Gamer: Killer Instinct possibility?

Do you think we could get Conan to play Killer Instinct on Clueless Gamer? It would be pretty funny to watch and it would be good marketing for Season 3!

What do you think?


I’d love to see this - but having watched a bunch of them, he would definitely need CAM on.

I bet he’d have a great reaction to the Stage Ultras.


I think he’d get a good kick out of the Ultra Combos with the music and everything! Oh God, I want this more now!

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OMG I WISH!!! I’ve watched every one of those videos…my family watches it together…we love it! Conan is so funny!

The Witcher 3 was hilarious!!!


Probably not enough shock value for him tbh.

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I don’t know, I was pretty surprised the first time I saw TJ’s Stage Ultra.

the newest one for Far Cry Primal is funny too!

I don’t think there’d be enough to work with IMO. Usually he has something like horror, gore, or sexuality to joke about, but really all there is to talk about here is the bizarre cast.

Not all his Clueless Gamer episodes have him talk about sex, horror or gore. Look at his Halo 5 episode! Its literally his very own E-Sports competition with Silicon Valley. The only jokes he cracked were about his opponent’s skill.

Also, you dont think he’d make a couple sexualy explicit jokes about Orchid or Maya? I also reckon he’d get a good kick out of the Ultra Combos.

Clueless Gamer: Killer Instinct Edition

With special guests - Ken Lobb and Maximilian Dood.