Completely original characters designed by IG vs Any guest character you want

I couldn’t agree more i wasn’t a big mk fan none of the characters clicked with me before.

We need spawn yo

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Just came in here to post exactly this.

I’d go for IG original char 99% of the time. The exception to that being spawn. If I could get spawn, I’d marry KI xD

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Dust? My best friend is good friends (animators know everybody) with the guy who made Dust! :smiley:


man it could be so awesome think of the combos that we could get with his chains and his cape he can get that cool green color that the mimic have resonating off of him it would fit so good and could be absolutely bad ■■■ his instinct could be something cool with necroplasm and when he gets hit he’d have that green blood like the predator Man I’ve got so many combo ideas with the chains and cape it could be something like Kanra when he grabs you with his robes I just imagine that being spawn Cape as a comand grab it could definitely work and the vision I have in my head could fit so good and KI

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I love guest character discussions!

To give the most accurate answer I could to the OP, I had to rephrase the question…

“Would I trade any of Killer Instinct’s CURRENT characters for a guest of my choice?”

And the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES. I would trade Mira or Kim Wu in a heartbeat. They were the lowpoints of Season 3 for me and I would without question take a guest over them. If I got to choose the guest, I honestly would have to take a long time to think about it. Arbiter was originally my first pick for a guest and he actually made it…

Well, I mentioned the other day that I thought Shadow the Hedgehog would make for a really interesting guest. I would also take the main character of Sunset Overdrive who appeared in all the commercials and the box art.

^This guy!

Original Characters > guests anyday.

Why you ask? Because they actually stick around whereas with guests they’re a one-and-done deal.
Plus with originals IG can have complete freedom with the character whereas with guests they have to follow a “template” in order for the character to be recognizable.

i think when the op made this, all the characters hadn’t been confirmed yet. Why this thread came back to life i have no idea

I just like getting involved in these kinds of conversations. I have a love for guest characters that seems to be super rare among the FGC.

I want to be added in the game…I feel sad for missing out on Fulgore when he had to charge for meter. I think a character like that can be cool.

ANY guest I want? Well that’s tough because I LOVE a lot of characters that I would love to play in this game but I think if it really came down to it, I want to see IG make some all new things like in the survey (Jinn, Wendigo, Lovecraftian etc)

These guys are all hits and no misses when it comes to all new characters IMO.

Yup. The potential with Spawn is limitless, the char isn’t only amazing, he’d also give a perfect KI character in IG’s hands.

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Has anyone thought about the cost of licensing for a character like Spawn?
The cost of obtaining that copyrighted character beyond obtaining approval from Todd McFarlane beyond the value of instead

creating an original al character with general aspects of Spawn (cape, chains, energy, undead, check) along with 3 other original characters

I can get with the idea of a character like Spawn, but it’s Similar to asking for Hellboy or Nathan Drake to guest in KI

Who has the money to acquire Spawn ?
There isn’t even money to give characters stages

Ouch struck down by the truth hammer of blind Justice