Completely original characters designed by IG vs Any guest character you want

I included the qualifier “designed by IG” because I Feel that this is a ‘per’ developer question.

A new character from capcom or snk doesn’t really inspire the same confidence in “just-freaking-nailing-it-ness” that iron Galaxy does.

(Cammy clones? Really?)

Now, I’m in the camp of people that believe every character out of IG’s pedigree was a home run. I mained cinder in the og ki and fulgore in ki2. When ki2013 came out, I told myself to just main fulgore until cinders glorious return. The thing is, aganos came out in between, and now I’m an aganos lifer (yea im one of THOSE guys in ranked)

So what’s this prove? Or what’s the point of knowing which one we like better?

Well that’s just it. If the question was changed to capcom, Id say any guest character I want, hands down. But what if I’m alone in this?

Then at the very least we have some manner of gauging how much confidence IG inspires in us to trust them in making a new character.

So which is it? Any guest character you wish (so, in essence, your imagination) vs anything IG wishes (so theirs).

Only rule is that it has to be one or the other edit*and an explanation would be nice, since I couldn’t figure out how to add a poll from my phone :confused:

I want Dust to make it in but it isn’t a MS IP so I doubt it is happening. Otherwise,the guests we have are all I wanted. New characters please.

I’d love to see Pierce Brosnan from goldeneye. Yep, 007.

IG always nails new character designs, and my number one guest choice already made it in and got an incredible moveset to boot, so I would always choose new IG characters over guests from here on out.

If I had to choose another guest out of anything, I would go with either: A) Link from LoZ, or B) A Gears of War character, preferably from either the Locust or the Swarm(new baddies in Gears 4). The Gears monsters always have cool twists to their abilities and weapons that I’m sure IG could give them the same amazing treatment that they gave Arby!

I’ve been a fan of killer instinct since back in the day. I am one of those who waited for its return sometimes searching online for any shred of evidence that it would return, Its the whole reason I bought an Xbox One. I would prefer more original characters because I want to see the Killer Instinct develop a larger roster. Give the fans who waited all these more K.I. content. Hopefully in the years to come it has a roster size that rivals M.K. or S.F. The game has a quality cast of characters and hopefully this continues. I don’t mind guest characters but personally the two we have are enough for me looking forward to new characters. Fight On!

IG Always nails Original characters 100%, so i would gladly trade all the guest characters for a full roster of new ones.

IG Also nailed the guest characters 100%.

But the 100% they nail on the original characters is way better than the 100% they nail on guest characters.


Already got the two I want, but people really keen on Joanna. I sorta want them to have her.

But… personally speaking I would love a season of forum concepts but don’t know if they would be “Guest” or not.

I’d like to see a psychic or elemental character

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I’d like to see a character that focuses on grappling. I know KI has a few command grappler characters but none of them really connect with me.

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I thought about that recently. That would be really hype! I think that would really round things off. Hopefully one of the final four characters fits the profile. Imagine what the ultra combo could look like on a true grappling charcter. creative possiblities.

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Pure epicness

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It’d be like watching king from tekken do a full combo grab

I would prefer original characters over guests, but I would want a Skullgirls character.

It would be nice for Skullgirls characters to make appearances in other games.

Other than that, Original characters all the way.

As much as i do like guest characters it is much more exciting and enjoyable to have new characters personally. Like when MKX added Ferra and Torr or when SF added Hakan and Juri. Not to mention with new characters you are more likely to see them in later games where guest characters you are not.

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Can’t wait for KI to reveal Goku as the next guest character TROLOL

Yeah I thought of this the other week, a true grappling character that either does military like grapples or wrestling like grapples kick to gut>into power bomb>into 2nd powerbomb>into spinning powerbomb.

I’m not sure what you would have to press to break the combo whether it be commands or pressing grapple and the correct direction on the D-pad to break.

Anyways a grappling charcter that does grappling based combos would be awesome

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Ferra/Torr is actually sick

Sick in what sense? I think both gameplay and character wise.

Sick as in awesome as a character design wise and play wise. I like it when franchises push the boat out to try innovative things

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They wouldn’t have to actually change much i mean the character would still have normals, autos, and manuals. Just that the special moves would be grapples.

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