Complaint: Download Size + "Approximate Size" Lie

I am hereby complaining to you, the developers of Killer instinct. NOT because of all of the flaws. But because of one thing that drives me absolutely batshit crazy insane.

NEVERMIND the fact that i’ve already re-downloaded the entire game, TWICE. but each and every time i do, the approximate size is an absolute fabrication. a Lie. your windows store states that the approximate size of the download is 21.7 gb.

That is a lie. as an ADSL 1 user, whom cannot achieve any better internet where i live… the download size is akin to 29gb.

Further more. When i have already downloaded the game in its entirety, all 29gb… why have you forced an update that forces me to re-download an entire 29gb all over again?

Huge complaints there. 5 freaking nights of downloads.

It seems that i am wrong…

I am now over 30gb in downloads, and no where near a sight of finishing.

Please see attached.

I’m at 31.5 gb now

Seriously… Is there something thats wrong with my windows? do i need to re-install my entire windows again, just so i can download the supposed 21.7gb file size?


I would appreciate it if someone did comment on this.


I cut the downloads at 32.7gb, and started it fresh, YES… i killed the download at 32gb’s, to start over.

it is now showing 0.1gb / 21.7gb… Let us see if it works this time… see you all in 5 days.

On Xbox One the Game is around 32GB big.

They need to update that on their Windows store. as an adsl 1 user, i need to know what i’m in for.

straight out lying like they have is an absolute shame. I am nearly wanting a refund back on my season 3 purchase.