Compiled List of Big FGC Names Trying KI in S3

Below I have composed a list of notable names throughout the FGC who have publicly stated at some point or another that they will try out Killer Instinct when Season 3 drops. Supposedly there are actually a ton more names that I’m not aware of so please let me know so I can compile those players into the master list.

Also probably important to note that just because someone said they would play doesn’t actually mean they will follow through on their word and play it; and if they do who knows how long it will last.

When big name people are playing a certain game it tends to make other players gravitate towards the said game especially if they are streaming. It’s our job as a community to make sure we get these guys playing and enjoying the game for as long as possible; help them understand it and learn. There will most likely be tons of tweets about KI on twitter from a lot of these people so be sure to follow them and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

F3 Alucard
Chris G
PND Ketchup
EG PR Balrog
James Chen
Jay Viscant
EG Justin Wong
RZR Perfect Legend
CR Sonic Fox
Tasty Steve
MCZ Tokido
Ultra David Graham
RZR Xian


I can expect some hijinks from ComboFiend. His videos with Mike Ross always crack me up. Hopefully they do enter the KI scene, i’d love to see the game grow.

That’s a lot of notable names.

Wow. That’s actually a pretty big list.

Time to score some wins on them while they’re still learning the game!

That’s an impressive list, but how many of them will actually end up playing the game?

Sonicfox is picking up S3?

Lol he just too good. I am not saying he will win EVO or anything, but I bet if he really competes in KIS3 he will do really good.


wow even xian? Also pr rog coming back after saying “KI is a joke” is hilarious tbh. Very excited about everyone on the list. Hopefully they stick around… But I dare to say that once they land that counter breaker they’re gonna be hooked :yum:

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Justin Wong kind of knows how to play already lol

Sonic Fox?


Really? when was this? I wondered why he dropped the game.

Excited to see what Xian and Combofiend can do. Oh, also Alucard, man’s a beast!

why the face?

I mean let’s wait and see, he’s really good at fighting games but let’s see him branch out of NRS games (i know he plays DOA and SkullGirls).

He’s playing SF and he’s alright at that.

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Okay…that might be a problem lol

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Cuz he is cool

I can’t help but think of this.

Serious note:
Cool to see more pros joining in. More people playing, the merrier!

Justin making his comeback, I’m sure MyGod will be happy.


At first I was worried at the list, but there is no point in worrying.

I’m gonna train hard everyday and not be afraid of any of these guys.

Tokido :slight_smile: xian :slight_smile:
Wong back to the Game ?