"Competitive General RAAM" achievement unlocked playing offline

When a new character for this game comes out a bulk of my in-game time is spent practicing and grinding XP against AI opponents. In the middle of a match against an Arbiter AI as General RAAM a notification came up saying I had unlocked the “Competitive” (win a ranked match) achievement with him, right after also unlocking General RAAM Apprentice.

Me getting an achievement relating to ranked does not feel right in the least bit considering I have not touched KI’s ranked mode since I got the game in December. Was this a possible snafu in some internal server? I can’t imagine what else could have triggered this event.

I also got this.

Same here, in a local match though.

I have the opposite problem. I’ve won 12 ranked matches with RAAM and the achievement won’t unlock lol

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Don’t know if this us your problem, but check your achievements. After playing RAAM for a little while, I noticed I wasn’t seeing any achievements pop up for my run in Survival mode. I checked the achievement list and there they were, three achievements I unlocked playing RAAM in survival that didn’t pop up on screen.

Snap. I’ve got and unlocked the 20 ranked wins achievement, but not the one for a single victory

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Mine finally unlocked when I reached 80 fight titles. It popped during an offline versus match.

Oddly, thats exactly how mine just popped too!

I got this too and sometimes if I got an achievement on the windows version I won’t get it till I play the xbox version… odd