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I thought it might be neat for those of us that have Youtube channels to share them & keep others up to date on new content, so I’ll go first:

Hardcore Family Gaming page

My channel is called Hardcore Family Gaming. It’s a collection of let’s plays & goofy skits my family has made with a general purpose of encouraging parents & kids to play games of all types together from KI to Mario Kart to Goat Simulator, Diablo 3, Portal, Halo…the list goes on.

a few samples:

This one is me & my oldest son playing Killer Instinct:

This one is my youngest last summer playing an assorted sampling of games:

& this one has our most popular skit, which I’ll just let it speak for itself:

My youtube channel is called DARKNOVAFORCE GAMEZ its a channel with zero commentary as I don’t have a mic. The channel is about me playing some of my favorite and not so favorite games in multiple languages ranging from English to Japanese. I don’t speak every language, but its a good way to re-experience a game. Here are some examples:

I play Fighting, action, adventure, rpgs, and some shooters. I may not get alot of views or subs and my vids aren’t of the highest quality, but I love doing this as a hobby.

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I don’t often get on my YouTube because of time constraints but I try to upload a couple of clips and matches here and there. Once I get a PC the process will be much easier so I would upload a lot more then. As for now here are a couple videos.

My channel is []

As I said, I don’t have much and a lot of the stuff on there is pretty dated. I actually will be doing a complete overhaul where I clean most of my videos and get some other stuff going but for now that is really all it is.

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That video reminds me:

When’s that FT10? XD

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I had a flu lately and these last two days I haven’t seen you on KI, so I didn’t impose. If you are up for some this coming Friday we can do out set.

Sure, but I work at 4:30 Pm CST on Friday.

Ouch. What time are you off, or rather is Saturday or Sunday better?

I work late untill 10:30 Pm CST, which is why you usually see me on late. I’ll keep you posted on my schedule. I’ll figure something out. Monday-Friday after 12:30 PM, I’m usually free though, that is, unless my professors just decide to bury us in assignments. LOL.

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My channel is The Lazy Gamers. I talk a lot about KI and other Xbox games. That’s pretty much it actually… :laughing:

I know my commentary is piss-poor. Don’t remind me…

Uploaded a new video over the weekend. It’s a KI tutorial for beginners. I tried my best to keep out too much fighting game jargon & keep it simple & approachable for anybody.