Community Fund Emblems

This morning, I rewatched the Kim Wu and Rash portion of the S3 rebalance, and started thinking about the fact that at some point we’ll likely be getting additional Community Funds for this year’s tournaments.

It got me thinking about the fact that I happily contributed to the first, enjoyed the Shadow Jago skin before his remaster, and while I have a great character now, there’s nothing to show anybody that I’m contributing to the community funds, considering it’s likely that a large portion of those without him bought Shadow Jago last month, and he will probably be sold again in the future. I purchased the Sub Zero skin for MKX, and as far as I’m aware, that skin can’t be accessed unless you bought into that first fund (but I may be wrong).

I don’t know whether a playercard rework is planned as part of the UI adjustments for the new season, but I was imagining an emblem (similar to the Top 32 stars) which could denote how many Community Funds you’ve contributed towards! There will obviously be other rewards of some sort with each Fund (maybe extra colors, accessories, or costumes) but I think it might be nice to display something on our Playercards too. Maybe a silver star or diamond above the Top 32 Star location, which counts up the same way the Top 32 star does?

Community members, do you think this would be a nice acknowledgement to your contributions? Do you feel like you would want others to know you’re supporting the Community Funds?

@TempusChaoti @BlitzedKraig @TheKeits, would this be something that you guys would consider doing if the community seems interested? Hopefully it’s something relatively simple, and wouldn’t take too much to do, though I suspect having it track the number of Funds an individual has supported might be the hardest part.

Love it!!! But beware…completionist will complain they didnt get that content for free!!! LOL

I think this is the best idea Ive seen recently…not sure abut the Star, but a set of Player cards would be great.