Community drive to get media to re-review ki season 3

  We all know a game getting favourable reviews helps a great deal ,  we all know ki season 3 is the best thing since sliced bread but i am afraid it wont get reviewed and get 9.5/10 it deserves. lets not forget as awesome as season 2 was it wasnt reviewed and so i refuse to stand by and let that happen again to season 3!!
 I propose that we all as a community bombard the media (ign, gamespot etc) with tweets  asking  that season 3 get reviewed. I feel IG/microsoft has done all they can do by investing in and creating season 3 with pc port , i feel this is the least we can do. If we all tweet at the media we can make it happen! 


this is the twiiter address of the guy responsible for deciding what gets reviewed at IGN : @DanStapleton PLS TWEET HIM and feel free to share in this topic any other twitter addresses!! lets make it happen!!!


Total Biscuit is likely going to do a review of the PC port; he has been known to enjoy KI but only reviews PC games so hasn’t been able to do a review until now.


I don’t really care what a game gets reviewed. But it might bring in more people who are into that sort of thing … Defintely can’t hurt tho…ign gave it a pretty good review back in 2013 if I remember correctly .

I hope he does, a lot of people respect his opinion. KI was even in his top 10 2013.
But, since he is… unwell, it might not happen.

lol people thinking KI woud get a 9.5. They won’t re review the game. If anything they would review Season 3 stand alone and bring up the fact that so far they have had to pay 40 bucks on each season. There are already people on here saying they aren’t getting a good value on the game and these are die hard fans. Not only that but Season 3 for some reason likes to place attention to the awkward janky parts of KI like the level 4 enders, the weird Stage Ultra announcer, and amateur Font used on Vs. Season 3 is the last thing I would show reviewers if I wanted it to get a better review that last time. Unless the trailer says there will be a ton of new modes on Launch day the game would get reviewed like it did originally except that people would call out KI more on its releasing content afterwards like SFV.

Dude did you ever post anything positive about the game all I see from you is negativity


i think the pc port will be good from what i seen i just have to test it out frist with my gigabyte gt 750 ti

I get to test it using a laptop gpu. The gtx 860m.

I don’t think re-reviewing is a good idea at the start of a season. We’ll just get the same complaints about the game not being finished and content being missing.

i was talking about the port i know the game will be good

Except, we’ll have 22 characters on release of the pc version, as well as a story mode for 16/22 characters, shadows mode, and a butt load of great graphics options on pc.

mr negativity what are you even doing in these forums??? this place is meant ki fans!! smdh

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Here’s hopin’ though. It’s always a treat when he posts his reviews.

wait I thought total biscuit was done with youtube or is that someone else I’m thinking about?

TB is still very much on YouTube.

change of heart?

No. He has slowed down his content since he was diagnosed with cancer, but he still does videos when he feels well enough.

ah okay, man I hope he gets better. back on topic though, I think the PC version will bring some reviews as it is a new player base. Cross-buy/play should do it some good in the eyes of new players.

There is nothing positive to post. It’s honesty. There is little difference between the Season 3 launch and SFV launch. Like I said, unless that trailers says a ton of new modes are coming with Season 3 AT LAUNCH, the complaints will be similar to those of SFV and worse because SF gets a more positive rep off the name alone. I mean Tekken Tag Tourn 2 scored lower than SFV and TTT2 was a complete game at launch.

And I am. Surely as a KI fan you wouldn’t want newcomers to see a 7.5 review score again and be turned off. There is a difference between being a KI fan that ignores its faults and one that can see its issues. A look at the general dislike of the new Stage Ultra announcer in this forum would show you that. I didn’t say anything bad towards it in that thread. Everyone else did.

So… we will just ignore all the Season 2 stuff that dont get a review yet?