Community Comeback Submissions

What’s up Killers! Just wanted to update everyone and let you guys know that I still plan on doing a Community Comebacks Part 3!

Just xboxdvr your clip and save it to onedrive, then log in to with your xbox account, and email the share link to: OR just send me a msg on here!
Can’t wait to see some more crazy RANKED comebacks!

(Remember, comebacks are judged based on life amount, difficulty, & style)


Hey Street, do I need to resend you the link I shared with you on Twitter? It was the epic come back against Tusk. :slight_smile:

looks that way :confused: can’t find it atm

I believe I have a good one saved… let me find it. I really enjoy these community videos…would be great if we had more of them!

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Thanks, yeah man just iet me know!

I have 1 under my Xbox Live profile that you can use featuring TJ Combo. It’s called, “I’m not done yet!” I think you’d enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Galactic, if possible you’ll need to send your One Drive link to Street so that he can actually use it. :slight_smile:

Here’s the vid I submitted. :smiley:

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If it’s on youtube, i should be able to get it, but if not, yeah i need the onedrive share link…

Another for your consideration!!As8oWaPL6JYlglYHR3eSyQQN9bkB

@STREET02 just in case you didn’t catch it before I removed it from my One Drive accidentally. I will reupload it tonight.

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ok awesome!

Did you get a chance to re-upload the onedrive version?

I forgot, but let me do that right now.

@STREET02 try this one?!As8oWaPL6JYlgmojXybM2hqXuwrI

Awesome! I got it thanks!

I still need a few more comebacks to complete VOL. 3!

Ive been meaning to send you mine but I havent had a chance to sift through them… Ill try tomorrow.

Ive got a good one against INfintiyTHanos

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When is the dead line? I found some good ones last night…I just need to make sure they are on my One drive and decide on one to send you.

No deadline… Just waiting on some more submissions :smiley:

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I have “about” 2 spots left for anyone that has a comeback that hasn’t already submitted one yet!!
Just xbox dvr your clip, upload to onedrive, then msg me the share link and we’ll see if we can get it on the next KI Community Comeback Top 10!


@STREET02 Here is mine! Not sure if this link is copied right but let me know!!AszOdTDs3i0IgTcqVsDSdlo9CFtS

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I was messing around with Fulgore and this happened:

I think he wanted to end the fight and out of desperation it didn’t come out the way he wanted XD
Not a fancy comeback, I just got it right and he got nervous maybe…) but that pixel is kind of cool