Commands are not working when trading hits

I am really getting tired of my commands not working like they are supposed to when I go to punish people jumping in at me. They jump in hit my armor and when i go to punish only the normal comes out and no opener meaning I get left with one less chunk and they get put in position to do it all over again.

Do you have any match footage of this happening? Too me it sounds like you’re not inputting your special move fast enough because of the hitstop caused by you taking a hit with armor.

How is me hitting the command RIGHT after I perform the normal too late? I have used aganos for months and this has always been a problem but tonight was HORRIBLE. I am not sure if lag played a part as well but it felt as if EVERYTHING I did refused to come out like I wanted so people are having a free ride on aganos because it refuses to accept my commands. I am working on the footage. this will serve some interest into my other topic of his anti air issue as well so I REALLY want to get this.

Nevermind i see the problem. Its not that my imputs are not working its that I am getting crossed up so aganos changes directions to face the “proper” direction and the by the time he switches sides again I am either already getting punched or the command simply erases itself like it never happened meaning i get punched anyway…awesome

What happens when you get crossed up is you either get the right special because you get an autocorrect, or the game doesn’t autocorrect and you get the wrong move (AI not the one you wanted), or no special move at all if there isn’t a reverse motion special in the character’s move list.

None of these options include your inputs getting erased.

If you’re not getting any move whatsoever, then you’re doing something wrong. By the timings you’re describing, I’d say you’re inputting too late. There may also be something wrong with your controler.

You should go ahead and record this with inputs on, in training mode, to see if we can understand what’s happening.