Command grabs should ignore Gargos mignons?

I noticed for a time that command grab animations could hit mignons ( like thunder, hisako and raam ) during thier active frames and was wondering if the mignon could be ignored during command grab animations.

My reasoning is that during a command grab, the user is fully invincible and the mignon has no chance to contest or fight. Invincible shadow moves could be left as they are.

Another suggestion is to make so that combo breakers should not hurt mignons. There is also a bug where a players own combo breaker can hurt his mignon.

What do you think ?

One thing is no, I think it’s completely justified that Gargos’ minions are afflicted, as a command grab from Gargos would have a response. They count as hits during the grab, and leave them invincible for a reason, because Thunder/Hisako/Raam got their attack. Even then, this is with everyone’s normal throws.

And a combo break counts as a hit to a character, so that’s also not in need of changes

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