If m.s was to make comics for killer instinct would you pick it up?

If they made a deal with a comic company to make ki comics what company would you like it to be and why?

For me I say go with marvel since they number 1 right now in comics

Not a big comic guy, but for KI I would pick it up.

I bought the MKX comics (DC), and I like those…though some of the art was only so so. I don’t really have a preference who the comics come from.

Sure, sounds entertaining

I have the entire collection of the originals…you cant get them really cheap and in PERFECT condition from MILE HIGH comics. they run abut 5-9$ each.

Id definitely be down for new comics and I could care less about comics in general…I just love KI memorabilia! I have a pretty decent collection of stuff, even a few things that the KI museum guy doesn’t have !

I def would pick it iup especially if IDW was making them. They are even better than Marvel and DC right now.

I said marvel cuz they number 1 in comics so I would think more people would end up reading about killer instinct if it came from marvel just the name alone ki sound like something good to read. I just want more people to know about ki and I think by having marvel do a comic for ki would make that happen