ComboBreaker Top 32 Results

1 BH | Thompxson
2 Nicky NS
3 PAG | Pink Diamond
4 F3 Hollywood Sleep
5 GnarlyFeats
5 Rico Suave
7 DaytonJ
9 BH | Grief
9 ShinTristan
9 UA Bass
9 UA | Máni
13 AA | Hi Im Keith
13 ESP | Moxy
13 Waterhorses
13 Yung Tate
17 Rocksteady
17 CORN | Omega Darkshotgun
17 UA | Charlieboy
17 JoeDERT
17 RM MorbidHoagie
17 Charbok NS
17 RL | LetalisVenator
25 CG The Stache
25 TFO | A Vikings Beard
25 UL ZeroMayCry
25 Devilmaycare4
25 KevBones
25 RM | GfromtheStreets
25 Hernandez
25 DG | lv76charizard

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Congrats to everyone. Thompxson, I can safely say that you made all Jago players proud for your victory and finally having Jago win a major tournament.

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One of the best moments of the night outside of the tournament was when Hi Im Keith got his ■■■ handed to him by the Hisako guy. The 2 were arguing over who beat whom 5-0. Oh man that was great seeing someone talk trash get completely destroyed.

I was also going for Nicky at the end until he threw out the taunt and then ate a 3,000$ knuckle sandwich. SMH…never taunt if you dont have the win secured.

But what a great tournament and stream! I was really rooting for Pink Diamond too… she did amazing! I thought she was going to make the finals there for a second!

I still haven’t watched the auction tournament or the rest of saucy sweet. Still a lot of great matches to watch and learn from!

Mr Grimmz would like a word with you lol


He never won a major though.

Edit: Wait, he won SoCal Regionals 2014 and NorCal Regionals 2014


Thank you sir lol.

I miss Mr Grimmz…

Also DaytonJ has am amazing Orchid. Those blocks he did against Sleep Glacious was insane. Very hype match!

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Well done to everyone it was a really awesome tournament

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