Combo Breaking white damage and Counter Breaker boost

Too many players play yolo in KI cause they rely on combo breaking cause is easy to combo break and cost nothing. Increase combo breaking white damage to 80% or 100% and duration to 4 seconds before they start recovering. Is only fair to the attacking player and can reward a 3 or 4 combo bar if they can combo again withing 4 or 7 seconds.

I feel like counter breaker need a boost, don’t punish the attacking player for a fail counter breaker, maybe put both players in neutral. Sucks when they try a counter breaker only to fail and get punish. There is too much combo breaking and only a few counter breaker attempts.

I find your humor inappropriate.

Or you know, just play the neutral well after getting broken so you can do more damage. Counter breakers are supposed to be risky or else combo breakers would be too risky to do. They are already risky. Captilaize on lockouts and on’t make a big deal if broken. Being broken isn’t the end of the world. You don’t get punished for being broken.

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There was a patch just a few days ago that did exactly what you’re asking for (sans the free counter breakers)

Pretty sure a missed combo breaker or successful counter breaker costs about 30%+ life. But sure, let’s go with “it costs nothing.”

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Hmmmmm spamming nothing but counter-breakers…hmmmmmmmmm make it happen IG. Would be great.

Make KI excellent again.