Combo breaking for new players

It must be hard for new players to learn to combo break the whole cast.

I would assume so, good thing there’s combo breaker training though.

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There are a few tells that are the same across the board. One thing is the sound of attacks. The heavier the attack, the lower the pitch of the impact sound, and the lighter the attack, the higher the pitch of the impact.

Also something else that would help when playing ranked is there are certain trends in how people change up their combos based on skill level. People that are just starting out tend to stick to Heavy ADs. Around the Silver rank they tend to switch to Medium ADs, and Gold players tend to use more light ADs. At least that seemed to be the trend when I was climbing the ranked tiers. Knowing that you can typically make some broad educated guesses, and be correct in those assumptions. Just keep in mind not everyone follows trends.

Some new players probally give up on the game cause learning to combo break the whole cast too much work…

Any time you combo break you have a 33% chance of guessing correctly if you purely guess. For someone that doesn’t know better, it’s decent enough odds by just guessing.
However, most new players would likely start off by playing against the AI…it’s fairly common knowledge in FGs that it isn’t a good idea to jump into online play unless you at least have the basics down. Easy AI tends to stick solely to heavy ADs because they’re slow and easy to see, so most new players only have to learn how to use a heavy breaker to succeed well enough to gain confidence.

Or they could guessbreak. It’s even done at high level play XD

Of course you can spend a lot of time at the combo breaker training mode however I do prefer to set the character on standard training mode and break there. Some characters are harder to break than others. People must find the best way to break for them, since there isn’t just one style for reading the breakers. Of course is perfmormed by an specific input but the way you execute and read them (either by sound, by animation, on reaction, on reading patterns, a combination of many, etc) depends on the player

At middle level I find most players break mediums. But I don’t think they are actually looking for them, is more like a rule (seen silvers doing this pretty much)

Honestly I do it sometimes for the purpose of baiting a counter break attempt.

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The mind games are powerful :wink:

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