Combo Breaker Training

I REALLY didnt want to crowd the GD section with this, but apparently this thread has not been made yet, and it relates to me right now.

Does anyone have any good experiences with combo breaker training?

Does it help?

Do you notice yourself get better?

I have learned my character enough, that i am SURE my character knowledge has far surpassed my execution skills, so i am currently trying to complete 30 minutes of combo breaker training with each character to help myself get better.

It is a lonely and boring task, so if anyone can help me out, answer questions, talk to me, and just generally discuss the training mode, please do so here!

I’ve only once gone into combo breaker training and never returned. It, along with Shadow Breaker training seems bootstrapped in the game. It would have been better if they did some sort of audio commentary/narrating explaining what type of moves you are looking at and perhaps a slow down during the move so that you can see the animation more clearly. Manuals also suffer from this lack of insight.

Same for shadow move breaking. It basically just throws you in there and expects you to eventually get it by trying over and over. It never tells you if you did it to early or too late and what is the exact time in the animation you’re supposed to attempt a break in a shadow move. At the very least they could add vibrations to guide you when to press the buttons in the training.

I’ll just give you my tips on combo breaking that I learned just from playing ranked. Heavy moves are slow. Light attacks are fast. I didn’t memorize all of the animations but that would help. I know how most of Jago’s animations look like from repetitive play. I know several others and it call came down from looking at their speed and then archiving that as their animation.

Unique breaking animations like TJ’s barrage combo rib shots are mediums I believe, heavies are uppercuts, Riptors flame and tail attacks are heavy moves, Hisako can hold down her moves and make you mess up by breaking early, if you get hit by a web with Sadira in the air her next attack will usually be a heavy kick because it’s her cross up. Those are all pretty much the most useful information tips I could gather. It’s cool that KI adds these visual elements to understand what is going on but there are times where this is not true like Rash’s Can Can kicks or Shadow Jago’s DP juggles which all look the same so it’s near impossible to break.


I haven’t even been there lol.

By the time it released, I had already memorized most of them simply by going into regular practice mode as the very character whose ADs/manuals I wanted to learn. Then I would just sit there for 1/2 an hour embedding them to memory.

I find it useful. I used it a lot when it first came out, but I need to hit it hard again as memory is fleeting.

What I’d eventually settled on doing was, using the custom combo settings, observe one strength of doubles at a time; at first with the icons on to observe timing, then with the Icons off and the combo state text on, and then with the combo state text off. I would then go from custom settings to the respective tiers of difficulty and try to break based off of what I’d memorized.

The text part was important to me - it felt like I was making minute impressions on my brain, associating the animations with the words “Light” “Medium” and “Heavy”.

Prior to this mode coming out I found that I was relying a bit too much on the reel animations to break, and if I were to be honest I’d have to say that this mode helped me to curtail that tendency.

I enjoy the addition of the break window icons, and they’re especially helpful on some Shadow linkers (they were even more so in history prior to @Infilament 's super-sweet shadow-linker browser companion).

It’s actually useful. I use it all the time. It helped with my shadow combo breakers A LOT.

I kept looking at the icons rather than the animations lol. So counter productive for me.

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That’s why I only spend a short time with them and then turn them off, watching only the animations. It’s a gradual reduction of clutter/information.


I had this same issue, so I had to turn the icons off as I wasn’t really learning anything.

I tried combo breaker training to get better at shadow breakers and it seemed like some of the shadow moves were just impossible to break. I dont know why but Jagos Laser sward is just so damn hard to get right. Even though I know Im hitting it right on time…I always get locked out.

I found that waiting to do the last 3 hits works best… the 1st hit will for sure lock you out.

Might want to pull up the icons on that one man - the timing isn’t exactly intuitive (by virtue of the way our minds interface with that animation, IMO). Or head to Infil’s site to see what I mean. I had the hardest time breaking that until I took a visual gander at the break windows.

Yeah I did the icons too…it just didnt work consistently/… I felt I had to do them early and never start with the first hit.

I can break wind kick all day, but that damn laser sword is a biatchh!

Iv never tried Infils trainer… Ill check it out.


I have tried it once before and I came to the conclusion that I might just be better off learning by trial and error in actual matches and paying close attention to the animations when playing.


Didn’t know he had one. Make that two us.

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Most HD TVs have at least 40MS of lag. which is about 3 frames.

Even considering that, it seems that i have to hit Shadow breakers WAY early. But its not too bad.

So if you ever wondered what it would be like to have a lagless monitor, just think about this:

The delay you feel when trying to break shadow moves is actually on ALL of your inputs. Imagine if all of your inputs came out a few frames faster!


Its based in his guide were you press the space bar on your key board to train you to remember the patterns for each shadow linker. You have to then translate that over to the game. But its a neat little addition to his guide.

You may nail it every time on his widget thing…but totally bomb it on the game lol

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Guess I found something to do for the reminder of my work day lol!

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Im playing with it right now.

For some reason, it feels WAY more responsive than my game.

Maybe there is something wrong on my end, but be careful. You might try this in-game and find out that your game is also a little slow.

That’s very interesting. Now I’m chomping at the bit to try the comparison when I get home. Especially playing on my LCD TV. :confused: sometimea it’s a bit slow too respond.

Seems it should have just been stuck in the dojo.

There is an option for this in the dojo.

not sure which came first :confused: