Combo breaker 2016 Roll Call!

What’s up! I just make this thread because @Marbledecker’s “CEO 2016 Roll Call!” thread. I wonder if who had UC forums will go to Combo Breaker? I just register Combo Breaker for join tournament! I will play Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat XL tournament at Combo Breaker! It’s my first to join tournament! That’s why I’m really nervous! If you want to meet me in person, then please do not talk to me because I’m deaf! You must only use your phone for text. So… Who will go to Combo Breaker? : D

If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Then you should look this info!


I am going to combo breaker. This will be my second KI major and I am definitely going to improve from North West Major. It’ll be great meeting you, I’ll have to remember the deaf part, don’t wanna be rude XD


LOL! Don’t worry about that! I bet when you meet me in person, you will be awkward. It’s natural! But we will have enjoying chats and play KI!

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Wish I could go but I don’t have that sort of money to travel.

Word from Rick has this event having beat last years entrant numbers.

This is great news.


Who’s Rick? I can’t remember him…

Also know as TheHadou on the internet thing called the twitters or something.

Oh yeah! I forget about his real name! Hey, will you go to Combo Breaker or not?

I had plans to go this year, but I’m taking that weekend to help do family things that weekend so I will helping a couple players from MI make it out there.

Hoping I could have commentated again but I’ll be saving up for next year :slight_smile:

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It’s ok! But I’m not sure If I can go to Combo Breaker for next year because I don’t have enough $$$… Hey, I can go to Kombo Klash, Absolute Battle and Heart of Battle because there family are live in texas!

I’m not going, but it’ll be awesome to see some familiar names in the tournament. I just wanna wish you all the best of luck, because I can’t be there to body every one of you.
(I’m only kidding, don’t jump on me please :disappointed_relieved:)
Good luck guys, I hope to see a forum Top 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmmmmm I live in the Chi, at first I was mad they moved it even further away from the metro area. BUT, it seems they’ve morphed it into more of a video game festival- 24/7 access, pool party, and of course some GGA machines so maybe I’ll come through and spectate on Saturday for the KI finals. Maybe even bring my scrubby, casual stick and get some matches in. or not. I’ll have to start taking ranked more seriously to see if I should show my ‘skills’, lol.

But at this point I think i’ll swing through for the KI finals and whatever else is going on Saturday night.



HAHAHAHA XD omg I have to watch this.

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I will not be attending combo breaker. Wish I could.

bah humbug I can only make it out Sunday. Gonna miss all the Saturday stuff. stupid adult commitments next year I’m signing up for the whole thing, I should be good enough by then to compete w ppl all weekend. I mean… most normal people who don’t buy plane tickets for fighting games :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t find the schedule. When’s KI?

Found it!

… Blocked at work :pensive:

Aw! I’m sorry… : (

I’m sorry guys, but it looks like this Hisako player will have to back out of Combo Breaker this year.

I unfortunately lost my job and will not be able to pay for my trip.

I am deeply sorry guys.