Combo braker glitch or hack ?braking the game

ok so this has been happening since season 3 launch. example when i am doing a combo with medium attack they are braking the combo and says i as pressing heavy attack. idk if this is a hack or a glitch but i cant even play any more cause of this. so if i do linkers with med or heavy they instantly brake my combo. is this happening to any one else

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how do i do that ?

You’ll have to record the gameplay and put Input Display on so we can confirm it.

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We’ll have to have a moderator move it.

Also agreed with WonderRed101 you should get some footage to of where you found it. Might be easier.

you can do that in on line play ?

Go to “Fight Archives” and your previous matches will be recorded.

oh ok so has this been happening to any of you ?

Can’t say it has. I only play online once in a blue moon.
For insta-breaks happening, try switching it up with Lights and manuals as it’ll throw your opponent off in their guessing game.

I assume that your accidentally doing heavy linker by holding the button which what gives you heavy linkers.


I have had the same thing a lot since the last patch. I have posted in the bug thread.

I believe it may be to do with roll backs and the game desynching slightly. If I remember correctly the same thing was happening along with a lot of desyncs after one of the season 1 patches and it was fixed.

I have watched my replays back ( I suggest you do the same) and seen that what the replay is showing is totally different to what actually happened, which explains it, and sometimes the action stops completely. Which again is the same as the season 1 issue and a desync issue.

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idk i never had this till season 3 launch and this happens may be just over half the games i play. another thing is it happens a lot more with cross play on

No way to confirm without seeing a replay with inputs.

im doing that now

This. You can perform heavy linkers by holding down the LP/LK or MP/MK buttons during special move linkers - this prevents you from accidentally performing a combo ender instead. With the way the game works though, when you hold it, for a split-second it is still considered a light or medium attack before it transitions into the heavy linker from the hold. So, you might be trying to do the light or medium linker and getting the heavy because you’ve adjusted to holding it too long. Your opponents likely picked up on this and have been breaking accordingly. Once you put up your clip, I’ll be able to tell you for sure if that happens to be the case or not. :wink:

It was def a thing a while ago that was fixed.

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