Combo Assist

I must say i love that they included a “custom” Feature with this. Can play regularly with one button ultras.

all can i say its good and bad at same time. Good as you can trigger the ultra without using the d-pad.
Bad because its loosing its challenging ways. No more stylish badass commands.

I kinda suck at this game im no pro at all but wtf? What about the professional players? And tournaments? (there’s a toggle i know) Even so…
What about the KI feeling?

It sems like the game is saying “i don’t want you to love me anymore, go away”.


By saying… “I love you all, no matter how you play.”



i think its very good for beginning players. veteran players dont need to worrie cause its not gamebraking.
when you only press buttons with assist mode you not gonna do all the moves. good for beginning players but once you dig deep theres more in each character, something that veteran players know.
so the combo assist is a very good addition to the game!
alows everybody to do huge combos but veteran players know how to handle this.
congrats IG, good job.
now we need season 3… :wink:

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I am now going to say that I’m really liking the Combo Assist feature very much already :smile:

I think I am Pro-CAM myself.

I dunno, my lvl 50 aganos just got destroyed by a gold Hisako. I don’t understand the character very well, and i don’t think the other lvl 11 Hisako did either. But they sure can just land insanely damaging combos. This CAM thing has certainly changed the experience drastically. For better or worse. I’m having mixed xp with it.

me too, i dont know about the whole assist. its good and bad at the same time. maybe they should ban it from ranked. single play and against friends its ok.

This is actually a good thing in many ways, because it will make you a stronger player. You will either learn how to break Hisako better, or you will learn better ways to not get hit by her in neutral, so that when you fight a Hisako player who isn’t mashing and is delivering carefully constructed combos, you will fare a lot better.

That’s the cool thing about CAM. If you approach it with the right mindset, you will quickly become a much better player. Now you get to look at your match as “why did I keep getting hit, and what can I do to fix that?” as opposed to “I beat that guy because, even though I got hit a bunch, he didn’t convert any of his openings.”

Let’s keep it in the main thread guys. Thanks