Combo assist on sadira

Have you guys found any good use for her combo assist yet?

i dont use combo assist, so cant really give you any feedback

Thnx for the feedback:P

I used it during two battles without knowing it as IG decided that it needed to be On on default.

In truth I thought the game was broken, to be honest. Many of my bread and butter combos didn’t work, especially all the jump cancel stuff that I do with her Webs.

When I tried to use Jumping HK > HK manual > Web > HK > Web > HK > Ender, she would just drop webs and then do her HK ender.

As soon as I realized it was on. I turned it off and everything was fine.

For me, it was too restrictive and you can do SOOOOO much more with Sadira than what CAM would allow.