Combo Assist - Jim Sterling

This is a great video relating to the new God Mode option Nintendo announced for Star Fox I think it directly related to the combo assist option.

No it does not.
EDIT: Combo assist helps beginners slowly understand the depths of the combo system without putting to much pressure on them at the very start, there is a point where FULL combo assist becomes a disadvantage and dedicated players should drop it to become better at the game, while casual players can continue using it to be able to have fun.

I would like to point out that combo assist PREVENTS you from doing some of Sabrewulf’s most damage efficient combo’s that are considered “cheap” and “ez win”


Any discussion of the nintendo invincibility/assistance mode in Starfox isn’t truely related to CAM is CAM actually still requires the player to have a basic knowledge of the game and if they spam buttons they’ll be easier to break theoretically at least… Would be happy to clarify if you need more info.

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Yeah no, there are quite a few differences between CAM and a ‘no difficulty mode’ in other games. Like mentioned, at the higher levels of play CAM actually offers disadvantages over not using it.

You guys are missing the point I’m trying to make. Or what the video is making for that matter. It’s an option that can be turned on or off and has no effect for your own experience with respect to what someone else chooses. The video does a good job of explaining that dynamic and why it’s stupid to be bothered by it.

Options are a good thing.

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Yes, options are good; but honestly, the title of your post easily leaves room for your intentions to be misinterpreted. CAM does not equal zero difficulty. While it does assist in forming Combos and easily executing Ultras, that’s about all it does advantageously. There are simply so many other things to take into consideration, KI essentially boils down to mind games and reading your opponent. I just feel as though the Zero Difficulty thing detracts from what CAM actually is. It is by no means an “easy mode.”

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Yea, I don’t think they watched the video lol.

Jim’s point was that people shouldn’t care what difficulty other people play and that options are always a good thing.

Would I play Dark Souls on easy mode? Probably not. But its not a bad idea to have if you want to get new players into the game. Instead of appreciating its difficulty, they can just appreciate the lore and art.

Combo Assist makes a part of KI easy which makes no difference if made easy or not, because that’s not the point.

Combos are cool, but doing a long cool combo is not the point of the game. It’s everything else. Combo Breakers, Counter Breakers, getting in, getting out, punishing those who fail at doing breakers etc… It’s the mind games that is the point of KI, and Combo Assist doesn’t make any of that easier for you.

The cool and flashy combos are just the sprinkles on top of the cake.