Combining Characters

I think the option to combine characters would be amazing , like how Transformers or the Power rangers combine to form a bigger thing , or even the names. Here are my list of combinations:

Obviously all robots are legit for this idea. Maybe ARIA can be the torso, Fulgore can be the left arm, Kilgore can be the other arm, and no legs or feet because they can fly and teleport. Maybe use ARIAs wing nuggets as fingers. Coming up with a name would be easy too: ARIAgore, Fularia, Kilaria, KilFulARIAgore.

You can basically do this with all characters: Spinder, SadARIA, Ripwulf, Sabreagle, Kim Wuthunder, MayARIA, TJ Comgore, Glago, Jacius, Cindol, Gardira, etc.

Also, other fundamentals could be combined. Instead of a normal combo breaker we could have shadow combo breakers (different from shadow counter), Ultrimates, Shadow Counter Combo Breaker, etc.

Or how bout even a feature to jack the counts from your opponents combo. Like he or she can be doing a combo, and somehow implement something similar to counter breaker to steal your opponents combo and continue the hits on him or her.


Too many crazy combinations!!! (Mind blows up)


basically a fiery skeleton, A.I. spider girl, a hairy raptor or scaly werewolf, eagle/wolf spirit motif warrior, lightning kung fu girl, A.I. amazon girl, cyborg boxer, icy ninja, alien ninja, fiery cyclops and spider demon?

I’m in :slight_smile:

Edit: And the last boss could be Gardol XD


Isn’t that how babies are made? :flushed:


Dude, could you just make one thread asking for a create-a-character feature and be done with it? That is essentially the gist of all these different threads you’ve been making.


No they aren’t. One is about combining characters, the other is about customizations, another about random questions to think about, and another was about companion features. Totally different types of subjects.

I think creating a character is better then combing kinda creepy if you think what they will look like.


Cinder+Glacius= Glacier

It’s a being made out of boiling water.


Let’s combine Jago w/ Omen

…oh wait


I love it!! He can be called Jagmen!!!


More like Omago lo


Saberwulf + Mira= Twilight

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Am I making Voltron? Awesome, where do I sign.
Although the horrors of mutated teabagging is scary. Gunna get slapped by some long shlong.

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So does he move slow like a glacier, or does he make good soup?

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I’d argue it’d just be regular water. If Cinder is infinitely hot and Glacius is infinitely cold, then their theoretical baby would be a neutral temperature

Nope the character can actually move very fast, the name was meant to be ironic considering what the character is.

Yes he can make good soup, just not as good as Kan-ra.

Wow I really didn’t think this through lol

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It’s how Lego structures are made.

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I was beginning to think that was the start of a funny saints row joke. Now I’m afraid to probe.

Uhh I mean ask…

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