Colors & Accessories

Hello all, not sure if this conversation came up already, but there be a new line of colors and accessories for all characters?

I would really like to see Gold and Shadow colors come back, like in K.I. Gold.

Imagine all the characters in shiny Gold

The Shadow thing is what I hope they will do anyway. Instead of making an all new shadow character like Shago, I would much rather them put that time/effort/money into something else while maybe just giving another character a “shadow skin”, it could be color 11 or 12 or something (assuming everybody is getting a 10 with figures)

I want new accessories for season one characters, expecially Orchid (cop outfit)… as for season 2, Cinder could use a new/better accessories too. Great character, terrible accessories… why does his mask have a mouth??? Oh and colors how about a color editor? That would be awesome!

i want these new colors and accessories for all the characters. really i would like IG to give some more levels (about 30) and unlockables for the characters because i want to play with my glacius but he feels so finished right now. i don’t even use him in ranked matches even he is my best.

I agree, ability to create your own character colors…

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I dont play Orchid…But she is in DIRE NEED of a total accessory REVAMP! She by far has the worst set of skin in the game.
I dont even understand why those chose the helmet and the goggles/mask. Its horrible.


Yeah, I don’t use any of Orchid’s accessories, because they really are bad.


IG I hope you’re listening… I wanted to quote some of the post above, but I don’t know how.

Her entire character needs to revert to her concept art. She looks incredibly beautiful and her accessories wouldn’t looks as bad as they did now.

Body proportions are exaggerated, face looks masculine… Hate to say it but her in-game design makes her look like a drag queen.

Seriously I remember a while back on a random stream some people were complaining about Orchid’s face and Adam said "we think Orchid’s face is beautiful."
Yet all of her accessories try desperately to cover it up


Just copy the piece you want to quote and then paste

I tried that, but for some reason my surface pro won’t let me copy text on this forum?

It should auto quote when you highlight the text. IM not sure as I have never used a surface pro…maybe Rukari can help you?
@rukizzel[quote=“x781redruMx, post:12, topic:6466, full:true”]
I tried that, but for some reason my surface pro won’t let me copy text on this forum?

Yeah Orchids accessories are pretty lame

Which Surface Pro? I have been using the 3 and the Book and can quote just fine.

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Surface pro 3, it acts up sometimes. Maybe I need to reboot? Soooo now that I know you’re paying attention… what do you think about the outcry for better Orchid accessories? Orchid is an iconic character she deserves better.

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I meant to reply directly to you on that last one, messed that up.

Ahhh this made me Real LOL!

Hahahaha, he obviously read everything said in this thread but still chose to only address your surface issue. That’s all you’re getting outta him.

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The joys of Misquoting. Oh well. :no_mouth: