Color Packs!


Who’s in the gold packs? I missed that part.

I sure hope the Omen pack is free, with three colours it’s just bringing him in line with the rest of the cast. I get why they’d want to get some money out of the people who got S2 free though.

Holy crap those omen colors look FREAKING sick… Bout time the ol boy got some love. Lol

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■■■■■■■ FINALLY my boy omen gets some love woo!!!



Well congrats to Omen fans out there

So carnage, mountain dew, and sprite omen.


at last omen colors.great

Did anyone manage to get a screen grab of the 3 & 4 Gold Packs? I tuned in at 2CST (when the stream was advertised to start), & they started the stream early, so I missed out on a lot of the details- I know Glacius was in one of the Gold Packs, and I think I saw Mira…? (Help!) :sweat:


One sec

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glacius,sadira,spinal,hisako,kan ra,mira

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Does anyone have a video of the beginning of the stream I literally only caught the the last 5 minutes before they were done.

Damn still no actual purple omen color, the mimic one is okay but the middle of his body is still blue!

Awesome news though.

My bad. Here are the Gold packs plus Omen’s again.


Lame I have to pay $5 just for Glacius’ gold skin, I have zero interest in the ladies he’s paired with. XD

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Each pack is $5?

Hello darkness my old friend.


I believe that’s how much the first 2 packs were.

As far as Omen’s colors, I’m wondering if we’ll have to pay for them or not? I mean I’d assume we have to pay but after the slip up that led us all to think Omen & Shago were getting more colors and accessories but at the same time it would suck to have to pay just to get Omen on par with the rest of the cast…

Either way I’m glad to get colors regardless, I hope this means they’re considering adding accessories for Shago too.

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Omen has soda colors.


Color 1: Mountain Dew Voltage
Color 2: Mountain Dew Live Wire
Color 3: Mountain Dew Solar Flare
Color 4: Mountain Dew White Out
Color 5: Mountain Dew Code Red
Color 6: Mountain Dew Supernova
Color 7: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Citrus Cherry
Color 8: Mountain Dew
Color 9: Mountain Dew White Label
Mimic: Mountain Dew Green Label
Shadow: Mountain Dew Pitch Black


Mountain Dew Moonshine is best Dew

Glacius is odd choice to pair with Mira and Sadira.
I see he still has his clear jelly. edit: No jelly, solid gold. me bad(a chump a chewy chump)

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