Color Pack

I would like to buy all color 10 and 11 in a pack for the Steam and Xbox/Windows version

That would include:
Jago Color 10,11
Shago Color 10,11
Fulgore Color 10
Sabrewulf Color 10
Hisako Color 10
Spinal Color 10*
Cinder Color 10*
TJ Combo Color 10*
*These colors were never officially released

This pack could also include:
instant unlock Gold & Silber Gargos
instant unlock Fulgore Color 11

What’s up with Orchid Christmas color?
I previously made a topic where I asked how to unlock it and didn’t get an answer, then I randomly got it in the Windows version but I don’t know how or why.
In the Steam version, I also don’t have Orchid’s color.
It could be in the pack as a guaranteed unlock.

The Omen color pack
Maybe I just misunderstood it but weren’t the Gold skins, Terror skins and the Omen color pack unlocked for the Xbox/Windows version because of they where all included in the Steam version?
Because I got the skin packs but not Omen’s colors
I hope somebody can correct me on that.


Give a color 10 to the rest of the cast while your at it. I know jeff would love that color.

I also would like a really really complete color pack. Without the gimmicks. Since it seems you can’t redeem your figures codes on steam.