Collision Box inconsistencies

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in the bug thread so I’ll just see what others think. So I was trying to come up with some sneaky Rash cross ups by tonguing past people on hard knockdown and landing behind them at the perfect time to cross up their wake up input, however then I discovered an odd inconsistency with the yellow collision boxes. Basically Thunder, TJ, Tusk, and Rash all have smaller collision boxes while on the ground than the rest of the cast. This allows Rash to tongue past them and land behind them as they get up. However for the rest of the cast the collision boxes are too tall, meaning if Rash tries to tongue past them his box collides with theirs and he ends up pushing them back meaning Rash can’t land behind them. This kind of sucks.

So can this be fixed? Is there any reason for the boxes to be taller on some characters than others? Or can we at least make it so that it makes sense, I mean why is Hisako’s box bigger than Tusk’s and Thunder’s??