Code Vein

So in 2018 Bandai Namco is publishing a new game called Code Vein. While it doesn’t seem like From Soft themselves are involved, it does seem like a Souls-Like from the same publishing company.

Basically it’s like Dark Souls, but with a post-apocalypse setting, anime style visuals, and vampires.
Gonna tag some of our resident Souls fans (maybe a few others I think would be interested) to gauge opinion as we get more info.

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I havent seen the 2nd trailer or teaser yet…I will watch later today and post my thoughts and concerns. honestly I was hoping for Bloodborne 2…thats all I really care about from FROM SW right now. I know they wont do a Demon or Dark SOuls remake…so Bloodborne 2 is the only option left for me.

Looks cool, and I’m a huge souls’ fan, so I’ll keep it on my radar!

I won’t write it off yet, but to be honest the anime-esque art style only works for me with a very small number of games, and I don’t see this sort of game working in that style, at least by my personal tastes.

I’ll take a look now and again before it launches, though.


This looks like a really cool, neat, and awesome new anime-style game I must say :slight_smile:

So, I know this is an old thread, but I didn’t want to make a new thread when there already was one for Code Vein. So I’m bumping this one. I hope that’s alright…

New gameplay video.
I have never played any of the Souls-like games (Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Nioh), but this one looks absolutely awesome! Oddly enough, the anime-aspect is usually not what draws me towards a game, but in this case, I think it looks really cool.


This looks like it has a MUCH better feel than earlier demos. Plus the unique party/reposte animations are pretty sweet! Can feel the excitement creeping back


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I’ll be honest after the first gameplay trailers didn’t live up to the awesome atmosphere of the first teaser I had written this game off. But this second batch of trailers and gameplay seems much more refined. Looking forward to how it turns out!

Im definitely getting this game! My list of Souls style Action RPGs is just getting enormous…I dont know if Ill ever finish them all!

Code Vein AKA Anime Souls

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So if I recall it’s made from the studio that made the God Eater games, so hopefully they are able to use that knowledge and make a proper Souls-like combat engine from it. It looks good, but I’m curious how different it will be from Dark Souls. Honestly speaking, Nioh caused me to burn out on Souls-likes at this point but I’m still willing to give this one a chance if it turns out to be good.

Code Vein has been pushed back to 2019 instead of the September 11 2018 release.
I was looking froward to this game …ugh