Code not working

So I redeem the code but I’m still not able to access shadow lords I don’t even have the option on the main menu. Has anyone else run into any issues? I’ve tried rebooting the game and I still having the same issue

Did you install the preview in your manage game “ready to install” menu?

Are you playing on the Xbox One?

Yes and yes to both questions. @rukizzel any suggestions?

Silly question but have you tried restarting the game, like actually exiting out and hard resetting your Xbox?

Yeah I just finished doing that. Even updated the xbox manually. Lol just my bad luck. The only thing ready to install is KI classics 1& 2 , twitch, and upload studio.

If you can’t figure out anything else the only other suggestion I have is to reinstall KI… but I hate having to do that.

Yeah that was my last option, considering I just reinstalled the game a few days ago, after getting a new XBOX.

Yeah I got screwed some how. Still not able to access shadow lords. Typical. Oh well least it will be out this month. Have fun playing all.

@rukizzel I know your busy handing out them codes but could you help him out?

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@BoJima404 thanks but it’s good I can wait a few weeks lol honestly. Might try something else later. Gives me more time to get acquainted with my new stick.

So apparently there is something wrong with my network. After logging in yesterday shadow lords was there. For some reason it takes me awhile to receive certain things now. I had a similar issue when I was trying to send and receive a game invite from someone else . The invite would not show until a day later .

I’m not so much worried about it as I only have a few weeks in a place that I’m currently staying at but it’s a very interesting circumstance to say the least. Thanks for the assistance. Got to play for a bit yesterday and was very excited I think next to Shadow lab shadow lords will be my new favorite.