Club Killer Instinct

It’s been recently revealed that club and LFG (that’s Looking for Group) features will soon be added to the XB1 UI for preview members, such as yours truly.

So, I was wondering if we should create 1 for the forum regulars on this site so we can help spread our love of KI to others. :slight_smile:

I’m just curious as to who should be in charge of it, though (and create it)? My personal vote goes to either @CStyles45 or @xSkeletalx. What do you guys think?

Also, should it be a public or private club? What rules should it have?

For more details, watch this video:

Well, not all of us are preview members on live, so you may have to hold off until the feature rolls out to the general public.

That’s a given, I think. Still, if either of the 2 moderators I mentioned above are a part of that, then we can start right away. I could start it myself, but that wouldn’t feel right IMO, unless I could hand off the torch, so to speak. Waiting, as we all know of course, sucks (but I’ll do it if I have to)…

The last thing I want is for someone else to make a pseudo, unofficial knockoff club before we do. It wouldn’t feel right IMO either.

So, as I asked earlier though - public? Private? Can we even switch that at any time? I don’t know…

Create it

Ok do I wait for an invite, or do I go looking for it?

Well, I can’t create it yet, as I don’t have the preview update yet (they’re rolling it out), but I should get it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, if anyone else gets the update before I do, I’d appreciate it if you do NOT create it unless your GT is @CStyles45 or @xSkeletalx. Otherwise, I think I’ll start it up once I get the chance.

I already started a KI achievement hunters group. :wink:

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Well, that’s different…

…but good for you! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve taken it upon myself to create Club Killer Instinct!

i would’ve used Ultra-Combo instead, but literally every variation I tried (over 20+) had “already been taken” - I think it was a glitch or something, but if that’s the case, then I can always change the name if and when it’s fixed.

The club is the pseudo-official club for the site for the time being and represents everything Killer Instinct and its community at large. It’s simple, really - if you are a fan of KI, join up! It’s completely open to the public, much like these forums are. :wink:

I have updated the thread title to reflect the change in name. :slight_smile:

Didn’t you just give me flack about literally what you just did?


No, its totally unofficial, since you are not a dev.

Please, change that

I’m willing to give up ownership of the club if a community manager/forum moderator wants to take up the mantle. I’m simply an interim owner for the time being. I’m basically planting the flag, as it were. That’s what makes us different. Are you willing to do the same?

There’s a reason I used the word “pseudo” - I swear it’s like you guys only read the parts you want to read…

combining form

  1. supposed or purporting to be but not really so; false; not genuine.
  2. resembling or imitating.

He has a point.

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Thank you for helping to clarify.

Still, a pseudo official “pretends” to be, but is not.

Also, its a bit misleading to people like me, who doesn’t speak english as first lenguage. No-official or unofficial its more clear to everyone.

Please, I would appreciate the change.
Thanks in advance

We use the word alot in medicine as well. I’m sure people have heard the term pseudomembraneous it means fake cell membrane wall, used to disguise a virus to gain entry to another cell.

Rukari should create it seeing as he is community manager. Also, if one of us creates it we can’t transfer administrative rights just yet so it would be a bad idea if any old person created it. Also, it should happen soon before several clubs are created and the KI community becomes fragmented.

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I’m in whenever, whoever figures it out

Before I weigh in on who gets to be in charge of the pseudo, unofficial, membraneous club…
Maybe someone could enlighten me as to what the club actually allows you to do that I can’t already do without joining some club.

Besides grouping up to argue with other clubs, like a motorcycle gang, I’m not sure I really “get” this concept.