Cloud Strife CONFIRMED for Smash Bros!

Ok. Who is HYPE right now!? I can’t contain my self. I think i’m gonna faint. People said it wasn’t possible… Oh my head… And we are getting a separate Smash Broadcast in December for (Presumably) The Smash Ballot? :astonished:

(I grew up with FF7. Too much hype for me. Plus Smash Ballot in December. RIP Ostrich )



Darn it… I really want to see custom robo in super smash bros… I don’t care which one robot but. I NEED CUSTOM ROBO IN SUPER SMASH BROS!!!

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They messed up by making his winpose his taunt.

Why is that bad, if you mind me asking?

Because it’s not his winpose now…

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LOL Totally understand. Well, at least we can see the glory of his winpose at will now. We don’t have to win to feel victorious.

What if cloud was a guess character for ki

A guess character? Why not. A guest character? Doubt it. Would be interesting though.

Sorry for double posting but this says it all:

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Of course anyone from the FFVI cast would have been more fitting.

Etika from Etika World Network reaction. LOL

I’d love to see Ryo from Shenmue make it into Smash Bros.

Bayonetta is clearly the best choice.

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QCF+P = Asks for directions


I don’t have a wii u…

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I had one but sold it after two light years, just another light year before they released their first 1st party title. Just missed it. Sold my wii U too early, I guess. :unamused:

Why you sold it?