Clan Tag menu integration

I feel this game has come to the point where we have different teams/clans/sponsors etc and we now need the option of having Invite only or open clan tags inside of the game so we will not have to spend $10 to change our gamerTags . This would be better for killer instinct so our newly changed clan/team will not roll over into other games where we may be a member of another team .


While I’m not against an in-game tag system, it’s not something that we “need” as you so put it. Furthermore, making it so you can’t join a session because you don’t use a particular tag as a clan or someone else or something is something that I personally don’t like the idea of as it could potentially divide the community and create rivalries/jealousy where none is needed nor wanted.

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Never said anything about a session where you would only be able to join if you are a member of a clan , what I’m saying is having an actual menu in the clam just for clans so you could add members , manage members etc . The actual gameplay can stay the same , just add in the option of an in game clan tag system

He is saying he is EX “C88 KI Killer” in one game and “NS MKX brutalilty” in another game. He wants to be able to have his respective GTs represented in each game without having to change GTs if he changes teams for 10$

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Well, isn’t XBL doing something later this year to incorporate clan/tournament play? That sounds a lot like what he wants.

Yeah kind of, but he would still have to keep his Game tag.

I think the real issue here is you have to pay 10$ to change your game tag. I thought it was 15$… but I cant recall exactly.

Agreed. Couple that with the fact that relatively few players probably have “clan tags” and you have a potential recipe for a rivalry that won’t help the game…