Ciri as a guest character

Anyone like the idea of ciri from the Witcher 3 as a guest character?


Sure. Seems a hell of a lot better than the idea of Geralt as a guest character, at least.

i like your idea , i really like a female character with white hair in the KI roster

No more guest characters.


This ^^^

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How about an original character in that vein? Medievil type…knight, sorcerer, assassin… warlord

She is basically a “spell sword”, like a mage who can wield a blade. Or rather, a swordfighter who can do magic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I completely forgot about her. Yeah, Curious is nice. A Lara Croft too.

Man I was desperate for more playable ciri with the witcher exspaions. I just wanted the game to continue with Geralt and Ciri where the ending I got left off. So I’d love to see her in KI. However I doubt it would ever happen. Especially as we won’t be going back to the witcher series for a long long time.