Not sure if this has been asked yet but here go’s. I was over my friend’s house the other day and he had Shadow Lords and I sore only a couple of characters had Cinematic’s which really bummed me out. So I’m asking once Shadow Lord’s actuality comes out on the 20th will all the other characters be getting Cinematic’s and if not why?


There probably only working on eyedols story

I’d say stay tuned


I don’t know for sure but I’d say other than eyedol there won’t be any more. It’s really disappointing. It’s odd that a couple of season 1 and 2 characters get some love and not the rest.

But then I was thinking it’s fair enough seeing as it’s a season 3 mode. But then again three S3 characters are guests and have no cinematics at all :frowning: they should have had several cutscenes too even if it was something fun rather than canonical.

I always thought that someone in the art dept wanted to upgrade the experience by providing great artwork of the cgi models of not the animations of the current characters as seen in a lot of Kims ‘scenes’