Cinder Pyrobomb Tech

I picked up Cinder and have been playing him for 6 days now. I felt comfortable to finally learn his unbreakable Pyrobomb juggles. Took a few hours but I have it down good in different variations.

I have other juggles that safely gets pyrobombs on you mid combo too but still labbing him up.

EDIT: Here are some new Taunt/Pyrobomb Juggles


You don’t really need all those variations lol. Good job learning it, though.

Personally I’d like to see some special ways of STARTING the juggle. I’ve actually seen some really cool ways to start it. None that I can do. :frowning:

The variations are essential though to my secret tech with Cinder. I can get multiple Bombs placed on you any part of the combo while you’re still in the air and still have the KV meter running. They’re not resets like how your traditional players are placing Pyrobombs on your opponent in the juggle state. I need to optimize the best ways to keep some part of those combos unbreakable to stand out with my own style too.

I updated the thread with my new tech. 11 Pyrobomb ( not Shadow Pyrobomb) juggle, 4 Taunts in 1 Combo, and multiple 1-3 taunt combos with Pyrobombs Juggles too.

[quote=“C88TexAce, post:5, topic:887, full:true”]
4 Taunts in 1 Combo[/quote]
I gotta see this!