Christmas accessories

So I guess the update came with the holiday accessories, really cool but it didn’t come with Orchid’s color 10. Is there a reason for this?

Bump, going to check again to see if maybe it just takes some time to appear.

Does this mean for people who do have the holiday color that the figure color will be color 11. When the orchid statue launches?

Yes, the holiday color it’s listed as color 10 iirc. Also I checked and the color still isn’t there, her candy cane accessory is there however.

Pretty sure its called Holiday Color and not Color 10

I won’t know until I see it. Be nice to get an answer on whether or not it’s supposed to come with season 3.

Im not sure why it would, it was limited time.

Yeah its labeled as Holiday Color. Color 10 will be the figure color.

So were the holiday accessories and yet there they are, in the game since the update.

Ah okay, I missed out on the holiday extras so I never got to see it for myself.