Christmas accesories for this year again?

Anybody know if we are getting Christmas accesories for any character?? :smiley:

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Please let’s get Christmas stuff this year! Or better yet! A CHRISTMAS STAGE! with new Christmas music from atlas plug and celldweller as a preview for Season 3!

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I think it’s a bit too late for Christmas accessories, sadly, but if they ever did do it, I would love to see Kan-Ra’s bandage attacks replaced with Christmas lights. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Frosty the Snoganos. Snow boulders and alpine rock.

Père Noël-Ra. European Father Xmas clothing.

Naughty Elf Maya. Ohhhhh ya.

Krumpas Omen. Mask of Krumpaskarten.

Nut-Cracker ARIA.


I’d love a piñata Aganos as I completely abhor it

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I like the snowman Aganos idea better - it just makes sense. :snowman:

chistmas tree aganos :smile:

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Doubtful that any content will show up between Shago and Season 3.

What if Snowman Aganos used Christmas trees for his walls and peacekeeper and giant chunks of coal for his payload? He could even have a Christmas Stocking accessory on his left leg and a giant Christmas tree ornament on his right arm! :joy:


And a chimney for the body


IF they could change the skins of some stuff (as Maya is stuck with her daggers though Orchid can mix her batons up);
I’d go with chimneys for walls and a fully ordinate tannenbaum as the club, for Frosty. Can’t say no to the coal chunks.

As a visual flare, I’d have snow constantly falling around him, as though he emits a frigid aura colder than Glacius!

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OMgosh, Please no-one let this topic die. I CANT stop smiling as i read these suggestions! :smile:


Ok it is dead. I will revive. Aganos throwing chunks results in presents coming out. Might as well give him a bunch of snow instead of stines with his heavy payload assault. Hope it happens this christmas.

4th of July swimsuits for thunder Jago Glacius and Kan Ra

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Kan-Ra with your innocence. YOU WILL NO LONGER NEED THIS


For April Fools, they should have had an update that changed some moves in a goofy way,

Aganos’ heavy payload assault shoots confetti (with a party-blower sound effect)
Omen Gets 10 Meters.
Kan-Ra looses every move besides LP
Orchids slide causes her to slide endlessly off the stage into infinite.

Depressing that the thought of extra stages used to bring everyone such joy and now we can’t even get the bare minimum 8 per season. :sob:

An X-mas stage would have been a jolly good time.