Chris returns Retro stages?/ HALO STAGE EASTER EGG RUMOUR

after reading the gamespot article they said there’s a Easter egg in arbiter stage wonder what that could be? A hint of another guest character or maybe just a hint of Gargos.

And Chris coming back to voice could this mean there doing a old announcer for more stages? (Possibly) or he could just be doing it for the 3 new stages

I’m pretty sure it will be a Halo Easter egg (meant for halo players).
About Chris, I mean, he has to do the Season 3 character announcements, hasn’t he?

Yeah I was gonna say the same thing.
The easter egg most likely is related to Halo and the announcer has nothing to do with stages, much less retro stages. They just need him to record the names for S3 characters.

maybe he is back to do the voice for “KNOCK OFF…KNOCK OFF…knock off!!!”


The speculation goes either way you don’t fully know I don’t fully know but any things a possibility that we know nothing of truly

I’m not sure I follow. In the past couple years of playing KI, what do you believe the announcers do relating to stages?

Well if we all know nothing and everything is possible then it’s also a possibility that they brought him back to voice pikachu guest character… or we could just assume the logical option wwith character name announcements.

It actually says right in the article that you linked:

“this stage contains “more than a couple” Halo Easter eggs to be discovered.”

So no need to speculate if the Easter Eggs are related to Gargos or another guest. It directly says they are related to Halo.

It’s a sangheili yelling wort wort wort.

RvB easter eggs would be pretty cool… Nah, ■■■■■ that. Caboose for S3 guest character :stuck_out_tongue:!

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Chris will voice Gargos! Place your bets.


Or Mark Hamill voice Gargos!


How does an old announcer equal more stages? Makes no sense… Chris has been in it from S1 so he is back to adding in me announcement names and any other announcement… where does the stages come in?

No one said it was official please read and not assume I’m saying just because they announced his return that’s all of sudden retro stages are confirmed I said POSSIBLY nice assumption though

They have to record the audio to work on them do they not?

If it’s directed only to halo is pretty dumb why put a Easter egg for one game into another when u can put those in the original game that’s y I said that

Ken Lobb voiced Gargos in KI2.


What? How is putting easter eggs related to other games dumb? The majority of easter eggs in games are for other games. All the street fighter, megaman, and resident evil easter eggs in dead rising, the shoryuken in devil may cry, bayonetta turning into a panther version of the dog from okami, the minecraft area in borderlands, the halo armor in duke nukem, the destiny poster in halo reach, the Zelda style mission/chest opening in deadpool, etc.

Maybe they set it up where if player 1 stands in a certain spot & player 2 stands in a certain spot & then wait for X no. of minutes the music will change to Seige of Madrigal…