Choosing "colors" for mimic & shadow costumes

I’m not sure how hard this would be to implement… but I know if two mimics or shadow face each other the second player is still using the “skin” but has color 2’s clothing on so on some level it has to be possible to select a skin tone on top of the shader, right?

Could we please get a way to choose our character colors and skin?

It would be a lot cooler of we could pick a set of clothes based on colors 1-9+ to accent our stinky green or blue skin. I’d be much more inclined to wear them if I knew I could pick green clothes or go along with my mimics or purple clothes for my shadows.

But the shadow skins should be just like a vulture. Something “hollow” like Omen fx.
And their eyes doesnt glow. Their voices still the same so it feels like a lot of things are missing for those mimics as well.