Hey all, It’s Rios. Very few know me. I’m from Chicago, and I’ve been talking to Amenty. We want to make a scene here in Chicago. I want to create a tournament that others can go to. Details can all be talked about at a different time. If you are from Illinois, please comment on this post. I would like to know who here in Chicagoland area plays KI.


I wanted to go Combo breaker which was in Chicago… But I had family wedding plans…

I’m just trying to get this thread some attention.

I’m in, maybe something at Ignite on Elston? They seem to host a lot of other FGC weeklies/monthlies

There was also this post along similar lines

Combo Breaker was great, it sucks that you missed it!. Good thing you gave it attention. Do you have a twitter??

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Can I have your twitter? So I can keep in touch with you about this.

Also by the way for sharing that post. I commented on there in hopes that they come to this post and try to work something out.

I do.

But I live in NY.

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I’m not on any social media, just the forums,

And no problem! Would be so awesome to get the Chicago scene going

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Been a month since I’ve played. When I get the time I would like to play again. Meeting up would be nice. If we have a time frame or an event planned, I would like to try and be there.

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If you know anyone else send them here!

We’re trying to get event(s) going. In my opinion, I think it would be best to make a biweekly or monthly.

Let’s do this! Personally I think it would be cool even if it were just a small group of people initially.

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For sure! First we just have to find as many people as possible.

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