Chicago area Combo Breaker questions

I was wondering what a tournament is like, because my 11 year old son wants to go. I have never been to one either, so I was wondering what they are like from a spectators point of view.

I went as a spectator last year. It’s definitely a cool, festive environment. Most of the area is filled with small stations made up of a console and a TV to handle all the pools. If not running a pool, those stations are open for freeplay. So many dedicated fighting game players doing crazy stuff in games.

Then there’s the main stage, a huge jumbotron where significant early matches and all finals matches are played out. Generally the place gets easily hyped for whoever is up there, it’s a really fun time. As the schedule indicates, it usually takes 2-3 hours for each games top 8 to play out.

I’ll be there spectating on Sunday again this year, though I believe the ki finals are on saturday. There will be some illicit betting going on especially for finals day, which is the only sketchy thing depending on your pov. Other than that it’s an awesome fighting game festival buzzing with activity, you can pm me with any questions I’m a dad myself

Also, based on previous tournaments, IG themselves will most likely be there, and most likely will have a playable Gargos build available Friday and Saturday before he drops on Sunday

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